Cindy started to dance modern jazz at the age of only 5, doing this style for another 15 years. Later in her youth, she also tried contemporary dance, hip-hop or even afro. All these contributed to improving her style and techniques.

At 22, she took part in a showbiz training and became a choreographer at holidays resorts, where she made the evening shows. This was also the moment when she discovered latin dances (bachata, merengue, salsa or reggaeton…). Although having realised that she loved the “music from the sun”, she felt that there still was something special missing…

This “special”, this magic, this connection, she would eventually find in London a few years later: in Forró. One night, she walked into a Forró party by chance and got hooked right away. This dance immediately became a passion turning her life upside down. She then went to dance for hours almost every night developing her style mainly with Anax Caracol, her partner at the time.

Believing that people never stop learning, she continued, training regularly in Brazil or in festivals in Europe.

Today, she gives weekly classes in her hometown Nice, France, where she works with both Anax Caracol and Vinicius Kozan, 2 big names of the Forro Europe scene, on a regular basis. Never giving up and working hard, Nina and Cindy managed to enlarge the “Forro de Nice” group in the last 3 years and also masterminded their first own festival “Viva esse Forró” in October 2017 (the organisation for the 2018 edition is already underway!)

Having studied both psychology and life coaching, Cindy finds a huge interest in “dance therapy”. This is what she wants to deliver, especially with her “connection classes”. Because Forró in particular and dance in general - in her words - “is more than just technical passes: it’s about sharing”. What she teaches is “the magic that happens between 2 people who trust each other and entirely open themselves to the other and, in doing so, create a wonderful moment”.


In Hamburg, she is assisted byAnax, who will also give three workshops as main teacher.