Anax Caracol & Fanny Minguez

- London -

Anax Caracol is one of the top Forró teachers in Europe.

After his move to London in 2009, he has become a key part of the Forró scene in the UK. With his project Forró Brincado, under which he gives regular classes, sharing his unique style therein, and organizes weekly events and dance festivals, he brings the popular culture of his home area to the UK and Europe.

He also teaches and performs at numerous dance festivals throughout Europe and Asia as well as North America. 

Although having focussed on Forró for the past 15 years, his repertoire of dance styles include Coco, Maracatu, Jongo, Samba de Roda, Brazilian contemporary as well as Orixas.



Fany Minguez is from Valencia, Spain. She discovered Forró after her move to London 10 years ago and fell in love with this style right away. Since 2017, she has been focussing on the follower role (lady style), assisting top quality teachers at Forró workshops and festivals all over Europe and the United States.


After 10 years of friend- and cooperation in the Forró scene, Anax and Fany became dance partners in 2018. With a technique influenced by the classic and modern Forró styles, they focus their work on comfort and the playfulness of the dance.