Eduardo Macedo / Trio Xêro Bom

For our Saturday night party we will have a very special concert!

Opening the evening, Eduardo Macedo will bring again his pioneer „One for All“ solo Forró concert to our stage, playing 5 different instruments at once while singing with full heart and sensuality the most beautiful Forró songs ever.


Later on, we will have the pleasure to welcome, for the second time in Hamburg, one the most talented Brazilian accordion players, composer and singer from Minas Gerais, Fabiano SantanaRemy de Souza, the great musician from Rio de Janeiro / Paris will join the band playing the zabumba and also singing many of the songs. On triangle and lead vocal, Eduardo Macedo from São Paulo will complete the band. They will be playing and singing together for us under the name of „Trio Xêro Bom“ a „just for this night“ program, exclusively made for our festival.


Eduardo Macedo is one of the pioneers of the Brazilian music diffusion in Hamburg. He was the founder of the legendary live music Club „Tropical Brasil“, a cult place where many World famous musicians joined him for unforgettable sessions in the eighties.

As a passionated Forró dancer, Eduardo tries to play and apply his music for the dancer’s feelings of breaks, dynamics and so on. Music is for Eduardo more than a form of expression, it is a magical moment.

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