Hamburger Forró-Tage [english]

Dear Forrozeiros,

It will be soon: Our 3rd Festivalzinho, "Hamburger Forró-Tage"!


Last time, half a year ago, we had two days of workshops with great teachers and parties on both nights.

Since then our group grew bigger, so we had to make some changes: Better dance hall for the workshops, bigger location for the main event on saturday night, live-music from outstanding bands on both nights.

As teachers we are delighted to welcome Vitor and Aleksandr, both from Berlin - both will be supported by our Joana.


The live-music will be provided by Sambaião de 2, coming from Lisboa only for this occation, and our great local band Forroxodó!


It became tradition in our group to celebrate each ended semester of forró-classes in a proper way. It's wonderful to see so many beginners making it through their first class and it's also great to see many of you dancing with us since three or even four semesters. That's more reason than needed to burn the stage. At the end of the day the classes are not the cause, why you learn how to dance. You do it for events like this one.



It goes withous saying that we are very glad for everybody visiting Hamburg for this very occation. You are more than welcome and if you need some help to find accommodation, please use the contact-form of this webpage. 


Tanzwerkstatt, Eifflerstraße 1, 22765 Hamburg
Tanzwerkstatt, Eifflerstraße 1, 22765 Hamburg

For the "Hamburger Forró-Tage" we promised you two teachers for whom you would gladly save the entire weekend. To find any we kept a close eye on the european forró-scene, only to realize (at least since our last trip to Berlin), than there was no need to look so far into the distance. Great teachers can also be found right next to us, in Berlin! 




Vitor Mello and Aleksandr Abroskin, both from the group Tome Forró Berlin - both will be assisted by Joana, our groups teacher.


Vitor and Aleksandr are part of the team, which established one of the biggers and most pleasent groups in germany in only a couple of years. On August 20th and 21st you will be given the opportunity to see, why they have so much success. We are very glad to welcome them, especially as this will be one of the very rare opportunities to see them giving classes outside of Berlin.

Parties / Concerts

19. August: Forró im Centro


Free entrance, donations welcome!

The next Centro-Party will mark the beginning of the Hamburger Forró-Tage.

To emphasize the fact, that we are welcoming everybody, we will start the night with a taster course. The course will be free of charge and you don't need to bring a partner. Just dare to participate and bring your friends with you.


Sambaião de 2 will be playing, for the very first time in Hamburg!

Further information to be found in the Facebook-Event.


7.30pm: Entry

8pm: Taster course with Joana and Valentin

9.30pm: Live-music with Sambaião de 2

Centro Sociale: Sternstraße 2, 20357 Hamburg

20. August: Forró im Nochtspeicher


Entry: 10€


This will be the main event of the weekend.


Above all, we are looking forward for the appearance of Forroxodó, THE forró-band from Hamburg. They might bring on some special guests.


Furthermore, it will be our very first forró-party at "Nochtspeicher", a location with a unique atmosthere and plenty of space to dance. 


Further information to be found in the Facebook-Event.



8pm: Entry

9.30pm: Live-music with Forroxodó

Nochtspeicher: Bernhard-Nocht-Straße 69a, 20359 Hamburg