Tau Macedo

- Berlin -

Originally from Salvador Bahia, Tau is now living in Berlin. He started his journey as a dancer in 2009, when he first took classes at the group Forrozeando, learning the style of universitario. Only one year later, he discovered Roots and turned to focus on this. In 2014, he founded the group Forró Classe A, a group dedicated to teach the Forró Roots style, combining movements, musicality, comfort and emphasis on leading.

When in Europe for the first time in 2016, he gave workshops at several festivals such as Forró de Colonia, Roma Forró, Forró Fest Zurich or Baião in Lisboa. Thereafter, he was invited to more tours, where he again both taught at numerous festivals and gave uncountable workshops, before he eventually moved to Berlin. In his classes, he especially excels in musicality which he puts across in a detailed way unique to him. 

His passion for Forró does not only stop at dancing, Tau also plays the percussion instruments, the Zambumba and the triangle. He started out as a musician with the bands Forrozeando and Banda Rutz which he formed with some friends. They participated in Itaunas in 2013 and 2014. In 2016, he became the main triangle player for Jo Miranda and has ever since played with several well known musicians as Duka Santos, Thiago Fred, Carlim Alves, Diego Oliveira, Fabiano Santana to name but a few.