Marilia is dancer, teacher and choreographer of ballroom dancing, with Forró as main style. In over nine years of studying Forró, she developed a pert and charming way of dancing and teaching this style. She is winner of the Campeonato Brasileiro de Forró, was awarded at many national and international festivals, traveled to several countries, appeared in numerous TV shows and dance congresses throughout Brazil and, together with Fábio Reis, was awarded as best Forró teacher in Brazil in 2015 and 2016 (by Baila Mundo). Through her research of Brazilian folk dances and ballroom dance, she developed a multicultural style of Forró without prejudice, as this dancing style - as she says - enables its dancers both to express their individuality and creativity whilst, in particular, enabling women to express themselves through movement, essence and charm - which is why she invests much time and energy in the development of the follower's skills. Now living in Lyon, France, she helps to enlarge the local Forró scene through the group "Forró em Lyon" as teacher, partner and member.