Luís Fernando

- Hannover -

Luís only started to dance at a quite later age (at 24, that is), which makes him a perfect example for that you don’t have to be a born dancer to achieve things in this field.


Not having a Forró or Samba background himself, the tools he used at the time he started dancing were martial arts, introversion, shyness, a broken heart (one of a champion, though) as well as the wish to both understand human beings better and to become a better version of himself. 


Starting with Samba de Gafieira classes, he used his traits to his advantage: his discipline, combined with the willingness to study hard and his physical stamina let him nearly fly through the levels of Gafieira. After a mere one and a half years, he welcomed students to his own classes.


And what about Forró? Well, Luís was born in Belo Horizonte, in the Brazilian federal state of Minas Gerais, home of one of the many rich Forró scenes in the world (if not the richest). What other place could be more perfect for learning about human behaviour in a social dance environment and for creating special and captivating dance experiences, right? ;-)