Juliane Rosa & Alex Alvim

- Belo Horizonte - 

Juliane Rosa (Juzinha) from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, started to dance in 2004 at Pé Descalço at the age of just 8, where she reached the highest level four years later. She then joined the Pé Descalço team as teacher, examiner and eventually became part of the show group as well.

In 2014, she gave classes in different branches of the school almost every day. In the same year, after having given numerous workshops throughout Brazil, she travelled through Europe for the first time. One of the videos take at that tour even went viral and has been clicked more than 53 million views times until now! 

In the following 2 years, she travelled to Europe and Japan as to share her knowledge further. 3 years later, after visiting many different cities around the world, she moved to London where she helped to establish the first international Pé Descalço branch! After a stay of one year, she returned to her hometown where she is now the director of one of the PD branches.



Alex started to learn the dance in early 2003, taught by Rick Resende, and was one of the first students and later examiners in the early days of Pé Descalço.

He developed his dance within the school further, passed the red level in 2010 and started teaching in the Eldorado branch, where he still is active.

During this time, he visited several cities in Europe, gave workshops in, for instance, Munich, Barcelona, Lisbon and in Brazil Juiz de fora, Niterói, Poços de Caldas, among others.

He is currently teacher and director in one branch of PD and manager of the Pé Descalço brand.