Felipe Raso & Angel


Felipe Raso was born in Belo Horizonte and started with Forró at the very young age of 10 (however, only started to study it in earnest at 17). He got obsessed by how the body communication works. He achieved Pé Descalço’s highest level in 2012 and now manages 2 branches of this famous dance school. He won a Forró Brasil Cup in 2012 and 2 Pé Descalço's jack and jills. In 2013, he became technical director of Pé Descalço’s first branch where he was in charge of managing well-known dancers such as Lucas Dumont, Milena and Valmir e Juzinha. In 2014, he left Brazil teaching Forró in the United States, where he also learned to dance Lindy Hop, a style in which he won competitions as well. In 2018, he went on his first international tour to Europe teaching In London, Moscow, Cologne, Hamburg, Freiburg and Dublin. His passion is teaching and he dreams of seeing the entire world dancing Forró and having fun.



Angel Kelly is 19 years old, is originally from Belo Horizonte and currently lives in São Paulo. She started dancing in 2015 when Pé Descalço launched a project at her local high school. Since then, she passed a number of exams in Forró, thereby reaching level 5 (preta iniciante) in 2016. In the year after, she achieved level 6 (preta avancada). During this time, Pe Descalço offered her an traineeship and 10 months later, she became an official Forró instructor at 2 branches of this school.

On 7 April 2018, she achieved the highest level of Forró Pé Descalço - 7 (vermelha) - for followers and, on the same day, passed level 5 (preta iniciante) for leaders as well.

At the end of 2018, she moved to São Paulo where she started to work as a dance instructor at 2 branches of Pé Descalço. Since her move to this city, she achieved level 6 for leaders and participated as assistant dance instructor in various national festivals in Brazil.