Cyrielle got to know Forró in 2011 at festivals in Europe where she became interested in all Forró styles. At a visit to Brazil, she fell in love with the "roots" of Forró and began to learn this style during her stay in Salvador and the participation in various festivals such as Itaúnas and Nata Forrozeira.

Her personal Forró-style is built on her know-how from ballet dancing (with which she began at the age of 5), on Tango she learned in Buenos Aires, and also on her work as a physiotherapist. Being both a leader and follower, she provides a unique combination of pedagogics, understanding of the moves, the contact and the connection we look for in Forró.

In Paris, in association with the group Meu Forró paraiso, she was organising both free dancing in a dance room and outdoors. These Tuesday parties, where she is teaching occasionally, are organised by a collective.