Anna & Alex

Anna has loved to dance to uplifting rhythms since childhood. Her early contact with making music at the age of 6 strengthened her musical understanding over the years. In 2014, she fell in love with the Brazilian vitality and happy atmosphere created by Forró dancing. Soon after, she started taking classes with Junio Reis at Forró Aachen.


When following, she likes to pay special attention on posture and connection while blending these parts into unconventional dancing moves. During her stay in Brazil she expanded her repertoire with the Forró styles “Universitário” and “Roots“.


When Alex started to play the guitar at the age of 14, music became an unseparable part of his life. He got to know Forró in 2014 and started taking classes with Junio Reis at Forró Aachen where he soon discovered his passion for expressing music through dancing. His dancing style therefore mainly focuses on musicality and the connection between the follower and the leader. He combines fluent arm movements and footwork in a creative way whilst at the same time highlighting the joyfulness of Forró.


Due to their passion for the dance, Anna and Alex started to give classes at Forró Aachen in February 2017. Complementing each other during the preparation of Forró courses and the development of choreographies, both of them improved their comprehension each for following and leading and internalised techniques.