Forroxódo is a band founded in May 2014 in Hamburg by Brazilian and French musicians around lead-singer Ivoneide Targino from Mossóro, Rio Grande do Norte.
Inspired by a passion for Brazilian music from the North East and their passion for interpreting, rearranging and composing forró music in a mostly traditional style, this 5-piece group regularly plays energetic forró concerts in their home city centre located Cascadas Club and cultural festivals, e.g. the Altonale festival, circus summer festival.
Percussionist ans singer Remy de Souza Santos (BRA, FRA), guitarist and bassist Mo Jonas (BRA) and sanofeiro Vincent Mermillod (FRA) complete the set of musical influences shaping the unique sound of Forroxódo.
Forroxodó invites you all to join for exciting Forrós, poetic Xotes and lively Cocos and Xaxados in Hamburg!