Ana Flávia & Raso

Felipe Raso was born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, started dancing Forró at the age of 10 and to study it in earnest at 17. He became obsessed about discovering how body communication works. He graduated at Pé Descalço's highest level in 2012. In 2013, he became technical director of PD's first unit. Today, he manages two of Pé Descalço's units and coordinates the technical section of the instructors formation courses offered by the school! He won a Forró Brasil Cup in 2012 and 2 Pé Descalço's Jack & Jills. In 2014, he went to study abroad and taught Forró in the United States and learned how to dance lindy hop, winning competitions there as well. His passion is to teach and his dream is to see the entire world dancing Forró and having fun.


Also Belo Horizonte born Ana Flávia started doing ballroom dances in 2008 when being a instructor apprentice in her neighbourhood. In 2011, after dancing bolero, salsa, samba and zouk, Ana found Pé Descalço's Forró and was amazed by it! In 2014, she started teaching at PD and just one year later, she graduated in the school's highest level. She traveled around Brazil teaching Forró in cities such as Juiz de Fora, Ipatinga, Itajubá, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Her first international experience as a teacher was at Japan's very first Forró Festival.

For Ana Flávia, Forró doesn’t just mean to move the body, but also joy, sensuality, good vibes, rhythm, harmony, good mood, intensity and the freedom of expressing oneself.

- video is coming soon -