Anax was born in the Brazilian federal state of Tocantins and moved to Arcoverde at the age of only 8.

After his move to London in 2009, Anax became a key part of the Forró scene in the UK, where he gives regular classes in London, Birmingham, Bristol and universities around the country. He also teaches and performs at numerous dance festivals throughout Europe.

Anax`s style is an amalgamate of various forms of movement and expression and is heavily influenced by Coco Raiz, contemporary and roots, where the use of footwork, body language and slow motion movements is emphasised, making the dance more playful and fun.

He describes his style as having the essence of Luiz Gonzaga at its core and places high value on the culture of Forró pe de serra.


At our festival, he is assisted by Cindy, who will also give three workshops as main teacher.